Streaming Preview

By opening Preview->Streaming Preview, Marked can recieve realtime updates from other applications without requiring a file to watch. This allows near-instant updates as changes are made to the document, but requires that the application directly integrate with Marked.

Because there’s no file, relative includes such as external images or included documents cannot be used.

nvALT demonstrates this integration. Simply open the streaming preview in Marked and then start typing in an nvALT note.

The streaming preview can also be opened programatically via the x-marked://stream/ url handler method.

To integrate with your app, use the following code (Objective-C):

NSString *rawString = @"the text to be processed";
// pasteboard *must* be named 'mkStreamingPreview'
NSPasteboard* pb = [NSPasteboard pasteboardWithName:@"mkStreamingPreview"];
[pb clearContents];
[pb setString:rawString forType:(NSString*)kUTTypeUTF8PlainText];

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