About (Multi)Markdown

Markdown vs. MultiMarkdown

MultiMarkdown (by Fletcher Penney) is an extension of Markdown (by John Gruber). All standard Markdown formatting is observed, and MultiMarkdown provides additional syntaxes for elements such as tables and footnotes.


There’s a Markdown Syntax guide under the help menu, or you can refer to John Gruber’s original documentation.

MultiMarkdown extensions are documented by Fletcher Penney in this document.

Alternative rendering via Discount

You can choose between MultiMarkdown and Discount in the Marked 2 Preferences, Processor pane. Each offers additional features with a slightly different syntax (see Help Markdown Reference for more details). In most cases, MultiMarkdown is preferred, but if you have files already using Discount-specific syntax or you run into trouble rendering a Markdown file with MultiMarkdown, select Discount as your default processor.

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