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Choosing a style

You can set a default style for new documents in the Marked 2 Preferences, Style pane. If you have the style menu in the toolbar enabled in Window preferences, you can adjust the style on a per-document basis right from the Preview window. Your style selection will be remembered and will be the first choice for export and print options.

Custom styles added in the Style preferences will be available in both menus.

Outline mode

If your document is a hierarchical list, such as one generated from a mind map or outlining application, you can enable Outline Mode from the Gear menu to apply special formatting in either APA or Decimal outlining style.

Automatic outline mode can be enabled for specific file extensions in the Marked 2 Preferences, Style pane.

Text Zoom

You can change the text size using the Zoom menu under Preview in the menubar or in the gear menu on the document window. Marked will remember any changes you make for next time (and every time).

Dark Mode/High Contrast

If you prefer light text on a dark background, Marked has you covered. In the Preview menu you can use Preview Dark Mode (I) invert the colors any of the default schemes for a light on dark result, and if a custom theme is built properly it will work there as well.

Show/Hide Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the preview window can be toggled with the Preview Show Status Bar (/) menu item. When it’s hidden, it can be viewed and interacted with by hovering over the space at the bottom of the preview.

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