Preferences: Processor

Options in the Marked 2 Preferences, Processor pane:

Preferences: Processor
Preferences: Processor

Process Markdown with

Default Markdown processor. The Discount processor is preferred for GitHub users, MultiMarkdown is ideal for writers. Marked compensates for some differences between syntax. See Help->Markdown Reference for additional information.


Generate IDs on headlines
Generate header IDs based on contents of h1-h6 tag.
Use random footnote IDs
Generate random footnote IDs to avoid conflicts when multiple documents are displayed on one page.
Process Markdown inside of HTML
By default, Markdown inside of HTML tags is usually ignored. This option forces Marked to continue processing within block elements. Note that some markup may cause issues.


Retain line breaks in paragraphs
Respect line breaks in paragraph text, replacing with hard breaks instead of concatenating with the previous line.
Render GitHub checkboxes
Render - [ ] and - [x] for creating checkboxes in lists. Checkboxes are rendered for preview but not functional within Marked.
#Text is tag
Allows hashtags, (# immediately followed by text with no space) to be interpreted as tags, not headlines. This functionality is default for Bear users.
Style tags causes tags to be displayed with “capsule” formatting to distinguish them from text. When this is enabled, tags can be shown/hidden using Proofing Show Comments.
#Text is tag enabled
#Text is tag enabled

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