Preferences: Export

Options in the Marked 2 Preferences, Export pane:

(See Exporting for more info)

Preferences: Export
Preferences: Export
Disable links/highlights when exporting PDF or Printing
Removes formatting (underline and color) from links when printing.
Include URL as text annotation
When printing or exporting PDF, the URL for a link will appear after the linked text
Replace horizontal rules with page breaks
Turn horizontal rules in document into page breaks (this will additionally force footnotes onto a new page)
Allow page breaks in code blocks
If disabled, code blocks may cause large blank spaces in PDF output, but depending on the length of your code blocks, it may be preferable to avoid page breaks in them
Embed images when copying HTML
When enabled, copying HTML to the clipboard will scan for local images and Base64 encode them to include as data urls in the source code
Print background colors and images
By default Marked will print/export with a white background. If you want to include background colors and images from custom themes, enable this option
Prevent orphaned headlines
This option prevents headlines for the next section from appearing at the bottom of a page without succeeding content
Add page breaks before
Use level 1/2 headers as section dividers, always starting them on a new page
Exclude first H1
Ignore the first level-one headline in the document when using H1s as page breaks
Indicate page breaks in preview
Show a light dashed line where breaks are inserted with <!--BREAK--> syntax or by checking auto-break options in Export settings
Use first H1 as fallback title
When using apps like Bear or the streaming preview, this option allows you to override the filename with the content of the first H1 in the document. If metadata for “title” is specified, that will always take precedence.

Custom font size for export/print
If set, all text will be scaled based on the point setting selected (defaults to a base of 10 points)
Define print margins (specified in points)

Table of Contents
Include automatic table of contents in print/pdf
Table of contents level markers
Use the dropdowns to set the list item marker for each level of indentation in a table of contents
Page Break after
Automatically break to a new page after an inserted Table of Contents

Headers and Footers
See Exporting documentation
Include on First Page
If the option for header and/or footer are unchecked, the first page will not print the specified type
Page numbering offset
Used to adjust what number the page numbers start at. For example, if you have a table of contents on the first page and want the numbering to start on the second page, set the offset to -1. Page 2 will now be page 1 and the total pages will be adjusted accordingly.
Print a horizontal line below the header and/or above the footer

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