Preferences: Preview

Options in the Marked 2 Preferences, Preview pane:

Preferences: Preview
Preferences: Preview

Preview behavior

Scroll to first edit
When updating the preview, Marked can determine the first point where the document changed and automatically scroll to it. This keeps the preview in sync with your current location in the document you’re editing.
Show Edit Marker
A small red marker appears at the point of the first edit detected. Turn this off to make it invisible.
Enable Mini Map navigation
Generate a visual map of the document which shows up when “0” is pressed. May cause short delays when rendering large documents.
Headlines collapse sections
Clicking a headline element collapses the section between it and the next headline.
Require -click
If this is checked, headlines will only collapse/expand when clicked with the Command key held.

Additional features

Show scroll progress indicator
Show a progress bar at the top of the document that indicates reading position.
Table of Contents tracks scroll position
Table of Contents highlights current section.
Popup stats for text selection
Show a word count popup for the selected text whenever a selection is made.
Enable link popovers
Show a popup menu when external links are clicked and held before releasing.
Automatically validate URLs on update
Validate URLs on document load and refresh. Only displays results if there are errors.
This runs link validation every time the document updates (if you have a significant number of links, this can be a slow process and should be avoided)

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